What is Data HK?

Data hk, developed by the Hong Kong government, provides free public data in various formats that can be displayed as line graphs, cross sectional plots or maps. This international source data can also be utilized by researchers as well as policymakers and planners looking to analyze localized information.

DataHK has proven an invaluable resource in evaluating the effects of different policies and programs, helping government to understand its own performance in areas like education systems, health services, social security system as well as identify areas needing additional funding. With this data at hand, Hong Kong citizens are well informed as they make decisions that will enhance their lives.

DataHK also provides a comprehensive set of information on the local economy and labor market. This can help identify patterns of growth or decline as well as develop effective strategies for economic development. Furthermore, its strengths and weaknesses analysis allows investment decisions to be guided accordingly as well as identify any additional resources required for growth strategies.

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Data HK is a free resource that aggregates open government data from multiple sources into one central resource for all Hong Kong statistics. Its data collection process is straightforward and user-friendly, enabling people to easily access information via mobile phones – keeping people connected and informed no matter their location.

Data HK gathers its information from surveys, official statistics and private sector data sources – surveys themselves as well as official and private sector statistics and private sector figures are all considered. Data is presented in PDFs, spreadsheets, charts and an interactive map so users can visualize their research results easily. Plus it’s regularly updated – offering new and relevant data every week! This website is an indispensable tool for those interested in exploring Hong Kong!

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