Choosing Between Above Ground and Inground Swimming Pools

Swimming pools in Australia are loved, whether for exercise, play or simply relaxing under the sun – yet choosing one can be dauntingly complicated. Not only is a pool an asset to any property; but its purchase requires significant consideration due to the many styles, shapes and sizes to consider; with careful planning it should be possible to find an ideal pool solution to fit into both your backyard environment and budget.

When it comes to designing a pool that will truly impress, our expert swimming pool designers have all of the expertise needed. From finding the ideal location and block assessment through to selecting an appropriate size pool and providing customisation options that meet individual tastes and needs – you’re assured of ending up with something you’ll enjoy for years.

Swimming pools offer an ideal way to help keep you and your family fit and healthy while having plenty of fun at the same time. Kids as young as infants can take part in swimming lessons in warm waters – plus it provides an opportunity for socialising and making new friends!

Pools are an increasingly popular way for people to pass the time during their free time and many enjoy going with friends. There are a wide variety of swimming pools, but two popular ones are above ground and inground pools – both offer their own advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered when making a decision about what type of pool would best suit you.

Above ground swimming pools offer many advantages over their inground counterparts, including lower costs and less maintenance needs compared to inground pools. Unfortunately, however, they also present certain drawbacks, such as being potentially hazardous if left unkept for too long.

For this reason, it’s advisable that you select a reputable above ground swimming pool manufacturer and adhere to their maintenance instructions in order to protect the safety of your pool. Alternatively, there are various companies which provide professional installation and maintenance services which could offer this option as an alternative solution.

Sydney’s lesser-known claim to fame is its abundance of ocean pools – manmade public seawater pools located near surf coasts so waves can wash over them and remain serene at low tide, but more boisterous when waves hit at high tide – often known as original infinity pools.