The Sydney Taylor Manuscript Prize

sdy prize

Undergraduate students looking to make an impactful statement through writing can use the Sdy Prize as an avenue. Winning this award offers students financial aid and networking opportunities while simultaneously carrying a great deal of prestige within publishing industry; several manuscripts that won the award have gone on to be published following its win; in addition, writers can use its seal as a marketing tool that sets their work apart from competitors.

The Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award has been an extraordinary success, providing authors from diverse backgrounds the chance to test out writing for a popular audience. Prize money also acts as an incentive for many writers who submit manuscripts for review; several manuscripts have since been published with critical acclaim resulting from these reviews. If you would like to submit a manuscript to this competition, please visit its official website for more details.

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The Sdy Prize is an elite scholarship that recognizes undergraduate linguistics students for their outstanding performance in their field. To qualify, applicants must have conducted original linguistic research and be in at least their third year of a bachelor’s degree program – plus be full-time university students enrolled full time and placed in the top half of their class! It can be an intimidatingly competitive award process but is well worth the effort; thousands have benefitted from winning this coveted prize already and this work will only continue into the future!

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