A Guide to Sdy Pools in Australia

Australian swimming pools known as sdy pools were constructed during the 19th Century as an attempt by councils to placate swimmers who dared swim during daylight hours at beaches – as this activity had been banned up until 1903. Now part of Australia’s heritage and being rediscover by swimmers who value its special characteristics, sdy pools have since been rediscovered by those who appreciate its historic charms.

The SDY Pool is one of the most sought-after models among pool builders, featuring an elegant rectangular shape with an integrated spa. This pool can be built either above or inground and comes in various color choices to make up an eye-catching backyard feature. Easy maintenance makes this an attractive option suitable for swimmers of all ages who may find deep water intimidating or are seeking comforting alternative swimming solutions.

The Sydney Harbour fiberglass pool is an excellent option for anyone who’s searching for a long-lasting pool that won’t break the bank. Available both for residential and commercial applications, and featuring a lifetime warranty – not to mention an affordable price point and many great features that make this choice worthwhile for you.

Gray Malin’s iconic print of ICEBERGS POOL, SYDNEY is printed on premium archival luster paper and hand signed by the artist.

Gray’s largest print and an impressive statement piece. Printed at high resolution and cropped to show off incredible detail, each image comes signed by the artist as part of a limited edition run of only 150.

Tucked beneath Balmain’s sandstone cliffs lies this corrugated iron pool painted cream and green is an architectural reminder of Australia’s Victorian past. Named for Olympic champion Dawn Fraser, this historic pool claims to be Australia’s oldest swimming spot – making it a sought-after spot for swimmers on sunny days. This pool boasts an inviting, tropical ambience and is situated among cozy cafes, artisan bakeries and fashion boutiques – making it a favorite spot for both families and lap swimmers. Additionally, its heritage listing and restoration program made it even more sought-after. Swimmers compare it to swimming in an aquarium, with walls and floor covered by lichen and seaweed and its walls covered by schools of tiny fish swarming around lap swimmers. Entry to Dawn Fraser Baths is free with changing and shower facilities provided; making this must-see attraction when in Sydney from 10am-4pm! For more information visit their website.

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